Two's- Curious Crew

As a child turns 2, they are starting to realize that they are a person independent from you, the parent. This will mean that the child will want to exercise their free will, mostly by opposing much of what we want or expect from them.

Our staff is sensitive to that fact, and allows the children an opportunity to be themselves, while maintaining a health and happy learning environment through daily routine and guided activities.

Play is what children do best and enjoy most. We believe that play fosters the total development of children and therefore is integrated into everything the children do at Ready or Not, Here I Grow. By allowing children to play, our staff continues fostering the developmental domains.

While continuing to promote life's skills through center play, our teachers provide our twos with a circle time including songs, finger plays and nursery rhymes.

Life skills we enhance:

Gross Motor: throw and kick a ball, pull off and begin to put on clothes, jump in place, and walk on tiptoes

Fine Motor: zip and unzip, drink from a cup without spilling

Language: calling self by name, a vocabulary of 900 or more words, points to and names body parts when asked, uses phrases and three to five word sentences

Social: has a hard time sharing, observes other children at play and joins in, initiates their own play activities

Sensory: identifying whether objects are soft, hard, rough, smooth

Our ratios are 2 caregivers to 16 children.